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TrainFestival Daylight Special - Official Trip Information

Portland, Oregon to Owosso, Michigan and return! A special train operated by the Steam Railroading Institute, Friends of the 4449 and the Friends of the 261 will travel over 5000 miles across country and return. This special train will be pulled by "The Worlds Most Famous Steam Locomotive" Southern Pacific "Daylight" No. 4449. This beautiful train will operate on an Amtrak special train on various railroads between Portland, OR and Owosso, MI.

Tickets are available for all portions of this trip. TrainFestival 2009 has teamed up with the American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners (AAPRCO) to offer luxury seating and overnight packages. This is a great way to see the American Rockies by luxury train pulled by the "World's Most Famous Steam Locomotive" No. 4449. More information about purchasing tickets are available below.

Additional day-trip seating will be available between Minneapolis - Chicago - Durand(MI) and return. You can purchase tickets below as well see complete schedule.

Train Schedule

You can track the Train by following online using a GPS tracker.
Click Here to Track


The schedule provided below will be kept to as best as possible. Delays will occur and we will do our best to accomadate with in reason.

Train Arrives at Portland Union Station in the evening spotted on track #4

FRIDAY JULY 3, 2009 - Portland to Spokane - Completed Successfully
Portland Union Station
Train departure is scheduled for 8:00am.
Wishram, Washington (MP 106 from Portland)
Servicing stop at Wishram. ORHF guests will detrain and take charter bus back to Portland. Arrival time will be between 10:30 and 11:00am.
Pasco, Washington (125 miles from Wishram)
Servicing stop at Amtrak station at approximately 2:30pm. Depart as soon as servicing is completed.
Spokane, Washington (274 miles from Wishram)
Arrival time at the Amtrak station is approximately 6:30pm. Train consist will be watered at the station before moving northerly to the BNSF yard. Address for the overnight layover is

SATURDAY JULY 4, 2009 - Spokane to Whitefish - Completed Successfully
Depart Spokane Amtrak station at 8:00am. No intermediate station stops are scheduled.
Whitefish, Montana (257 miles from Spokane)
Train consist will be watered in the station before moving to layover track constructed for the AOE just to the east of the Amtrak Station. Address for station is .

SUNDAY, JULY 5, 2009 - Whitefish to Havre - Completed Successfully
Train will be spotted at the Amtrak station for boarding.
Havre, Montana ( 254 miles from Spokane)
Train departs Whitefish, Montana at 8:00am. Day’s operation includes crossing the Rocky Mountains with its congestion. Arrival time in Havre is expected to be approximately 4:00pm. Train may have to wait until the Empire Builder is serviced. No intermediate station stops are scheduled.
Train consist will be watered at the station before train moves to an adjacent “intermodal set out track” next to the station. Address for the station is

MONDAY, JULY 6, 2009
Layover day. Train remains parked adjacent to the station.

TUESDAY, JULY 7, 2009 - Havre to Minot - Completed Successfully
Train departs Amtrak station at 8:00am. Movement from layover track will be determined by local BNSF operation officials.
Minot, North Dakota (431 miles from Havre)
Longest operating day of the trip. Arrival time in Minot is expected at 6:00pm.
Train will be watered in station upon arrival. It will then be moved to the overnight storage track just to the east of the station by the BNSF crew change point (track 6200). Address for the station is

WEDNESAY JULY 8, 2009 - Minot to Fargo - Completed Successfully
Train departs Amtrak station at 8:00am.
Fargo, North Dakota (277 miles from Minot)
Train will arrive at Fargo approximately 5:00pm via BNSF. Train will operate Minot to Fargo via Grand Forks over the Devils Lake and Hillsboro subdivisions. Reason for this is the maintenance curfew on the KO sub to surface the railroad and eliminate the slow orders caused by this winter's frost heaves and subsequent mud boils. Train will park on the Fargo Forum Spur approximately 2 blocks west of the Amtrak station. Train will back in and head out. Address for the Amtrak station is

THURSDAY JULY 9, 2009 - Fargo to Minneaplois - Completed Successfully
Train departs Amtrak station at 8:00am
St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota (241 miles from Fargo)
Arrival time is expected to be approximately 4:00pm.

 JULY 10-17, 2009 - Train Stored in Minneapolis - Not Open for Public Display
SATURDAY JULY 18, 2009 - Minneapolis to Chicago - Buy ticket (First Class available)
Depart Minneapolis Harrison Street Location at 8:00am. (Not Amtrak Station) Arrive in Chicago around 6:00pm. Public viewing in Chicago has not yet been confirmed.

SUNDAY JULY 19, 2009 - Chicago to Durand - Buy ticket (First Class available)
Depart Chicago Union Station at 8:00am. Service stop at Battlecreek, MI around 12:00pm. Arrive in Durand at 4:00pm.

JULY 20-31, 2009 - Stored at Owosso, Michigan for TrainFestival 2009 - Buy Ticket
FRIDAY JULY 31, 2009 - Durand to Chicago - Buy ticket
Train will depart Durand at 12:00pm and Arrive in Chicago Union Station around 8:00pm.

SATURDAY AUGUST 1, 2009 -Display in Chicago - Buy ticket
Location to be determined

SUNDAY AUGUST 2, 2009 - Chicago to Milwaukee - Buy ticket
Depart Chicago at 8:00am and arrive at Milwaukee Amtrak Station around 5:00pm. Display location to be determined.

MONDAY AUGUST 3, 2009 - Milwaukee to Minneapolis - Buy ticket
Depart Milwaukee Amtrak Station at 8:00am and arrive at Minneapolis Harrision Street Location (Not Amtrak Station) around 6:00pm. 

AUGUST 4 - OCTOBER 12, 2009 -  Train will be stored in Minneapolis
Oct 13, Minneapolis to Fargo - Buy Ticket
Oct 14, Fargo to Minot - Buy Ticket
Oct 15, off day
Oct 16, Minot to Harve - Buy Ticket
Oct 17, Harve to Whitefish - Buy Ticket
Oct 18, off day
Oct 19, Whitefish to Spokane - Buy Ticket
Oct 20, Spokane to Portland  - Buy Ticket

Train Schedule is subject to change. Excursion equipment is subject to substitution and TrainFestival 2009 assumes no liability for inconvienience caused by delays in schedule.

Purchase Your Tickets Today!

Tickets are extremely limited. All space on the train is expected to sell out in advance. No tickets have ever been available to ride behind the Daylight Steam Locomotive this far East. This is a rare oppurtunity and we high advise early reservations.

Portland to Minneapolis - July 3 to July 9

AAPRCO member are selling this portion of the trip seperately by their members. Click on the car below to get more information and make arrangements for your journey back in time!


New York Central #3

This railroad car, New York Central 3, was built for Harold Sterling Vanderbilt, who worked as a director of the New York Central Railroad founded by his family three generations previously. The car, built in 1928, was a typical executive car of this grand era. Such cars were called "private varnish" because of their varnished woodwork and exclusive uses; they served as traveling offices and hotels, and were used for railroad inspections as well as for personal travel and for business entertainment. NYC 3 frequently played host to film celebrities, wealthy tycoons, and even presidential campaigners in what politicians of the day called "whistle-stop" tours. Click for more infomation on purchasing tickets to ride all or part of your trip in the NYC-3


California Zephyr

We provide full meal and bar service, staffed with professionals from the railroads’ own executive business cars, and from fine restaurants and hotels. Enjoy the view from one of our two domes or the lounge in our spacious observation car.

When bedtime arrives a short walk to your room in Silver Rapids or Silver Solarium reveals that it has been made down for the night, ready for a quiet, comfortable slumber in your hotel on wheels. Our beds are triple-sheeted, using starched and pressed linens.  Soft terry robes will be found in your closet for your added comfort. Additional packages are available through American Steam Railroad

Caritas Lounge/Sleeper

The Caritas is America's premier art-deco private railway car. Built in 1948 by the Pullman Company for the St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad ("Frisco"-now part of the BN) as a 4 bedroom, 14-roomette sleeper, she operated on such famous trains as the Texas Special.

Caritas will travel on the East Bound and West Bound legs of the trip. Click Here for more information.


Minneapolis, Chicago and Durand - July 18 & 19

Passengers will have the opportunity to ride one way behind Steam Locomotive #4449 between Minneapolis and Chicago and Chicago and Durand. Passengers will also have the chance to ride from Minneapolis to Durand aboard a coach or one of several first class dome and observation cars. Prices range from $114.49 to $444.90. Tickets will sell very quickly.

Click Here to purchase tickets.




Durand, Chicago, Milwaukee, Durand - July 31 to August 3

Passengers will have the opportunity to ride one way behind Steam Locomotive #4449 between Durand and Chicago, Chicago and Milwaukee, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. Passengers will also have the chance to ride aboard a coach or one of several first class dome and observation cars. Prices range from $114.49 to $444.90. Tickets will sell very quickly.

Click Here to purchase tickets.





Minneapolis to Portland - October 13-20

Visit for more information


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